Starting a yoga journal

One of the first tasks on the #bwyfoundationcourse has been to start a yoga journal. 📖

Now, as a writer, I don’t need ANY encouragement to start a journal.

I love journals. I keep two already, and I have notebooks everywhere.

But to streamline my input (because time isn’t something that I have in abundance with two small children), I set out to create the ultimate, personalised and uniquely-relevant-to-me journal.

I customised a template and added my own pages. So, hopefully now I can just commit to this one, and focus on it.

ANY journal for me MUST be conscious of the lunar cycle. I find it crucial for identifying when I will have the most and least energy for things.

Then I can be mindful of other forces at play, and when to be particularly gentle with myself and others.

Prompts to help me practice gratitude.

To be present. To be compassionate.

These are all central themes in my #yogajournal.

I’d love to know, what yours are?

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