Is this the start of my yoga journey?

Well, it’s as good a time as any.

And, as my yoga teacher Hayley has said: “This is it!”

Yoga, so I’ve heard said many times before, is a lifestyle that can slowly change you.

We attend classes, and either over months, but mostly years, it does something to the essence of who we are and how we want to live.

My first physical yoga experience was well over a decade ago.

I remember, vividly, feeling so out of place. I wasn’t there in spirit.

Despite always having a compassionate, contemplative nature. I was, however, anything but compassionate to myself in that class.

This was a misjudgement on my part that I felt I couldn’t do yoga.

Granted, the environment that I first tried asanas was one of competition and it had a focus on the appearance of all those who were there. It had a very western aesthetic, if you like.

You know, leggy and long and stretchy and bendy.

Not chunky. Not awkward. Not a mess.

At the time, I was overweight and struggling in so many ways.

Today, and with yoga being a growing companion of mine in the years since that first class, I am both more accepting of my body, and of other people’s opinions.

Meditation has lead me back to yoga, and it has kept me there. I keep going in.

Great teachers entice me even more. I am keen to go deeper. To know more. To undo all of the conditioning. To become more me.

By becoming myself, by fully healing, and embracing myself, I can then be of meaning to those I love. Especially to my children and my husband.

Most interestingly of all, yoga now feels like home and I couldn’t be more comfortable even if I tried.

Even when I can’t perform an asana as well as my neighbour.

It’s ok.

I love myself anyway.

Loving the self, and at risk of sounding conceited (but who cares?), is really what yoga has to be about.

Well, it is for me anyway.

I started a British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation course last Saturday (September 2019).

It was breathtaking.

Amazingly, and as with only a few other times in my life, it felt like I’d landed on my feet; that I was on the right path.

I haven’t felt firmly like that in a long time.

So, here we are. At the start of autumn 2019, with its beautiful end-of-summer sunsets that mark an end to a season.

This is the start of my journey. A new season for me altogether.

I promise to reflect sincerely upon my insights, my learnings and my inspirations, and to open-up and share whole-heartedly, my experiences and my dreams.




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