Reflections on a Asteya

During the last session of the BWY Foundation course, we discussed in Satsang the ideas centred on one of Patanjali’s core concepts; one of the Yamas from the Yoga Sutras: Asteya.

As I was taught, Asteya, or non- stealing, obviously refers to theft of things, but less obviously also to much more abstract and less obvious things.

Literally anything that are not ours to take.

This could include, ideas such as artistic endeavours or words.

It also relates to taking other people’s energy, by our mood drawing from them, thus in doing so taking their peace.

Which had me reflecting specifically on the taking of others ideas.

As you may know, I have an instagram account @louisamflynn because I really like to share with others.

I want to help others mainly because I think there is a chance many others could still benefit from knowing about and trying yoga for themselves.

But as I am really trying to share on social media more mindfully of Asteya, it really challenges what is acceptable to post, and less being more becomes the rule.

Asteya is especially relevant when it comes to reposting the creations of other people, at all but certainly without credit – as so many popular yoga accounts do.

This is not to critique them. I do not wish to criticise anyone for this because I ignorantly have done such things myself.

So, this post is about documenting how I have come to the decision that any ideas and images that I put out into the universe, either on this blog or on Instagram, will be conscious of Asteya.

That is all.

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