For the course that I am on, I’ve been asked to consider my solar plexus chakra, or manipura, and bring along an object from home that I think represents this chakra for me.

Having done the same with the two previous chakra, this is the first time that I feel a sense of struggle. I’m finding it harder to identify an object.

In order to hopefully receive a nudge from some of my yoga teachers, I posted about this on Instagram (please come and find me and say hi: @ahimsayoga) and I got some really great responses from them.

Most notably, the whole thing has indicated that this is likely the chakra that I need to work on in myself.

Manipura is associated with the self. The internal fire. The drive. To help me process this area intellectually I must consider: What am I passionate about? What strengthens me and propels me forward in this world and life?

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