The importance of creativity in our lives

‘I’m too busy for creativity!’ ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body!’ ‘Creativity? That’s just for kids!’

These are just a few examples of the types of self-limiting beliefs that we can hear ourselves or others say about creativity.

I believe, as children, our natural mode is one of creativity, most often in the form of play. But also in terms of creative expression by art, music, dance etc…

Then something happens along the way. Or rather lots of things happen, and eventually we ‘grow up’ to feel burdened by responsibilities and everything is so, so serious. The ironic thing is, for all of the seriousness of adulthood, there is therefore an increasingly important need to play and to create: to blow off steam.

Instead, all too often we do this via yet more damaging,’grown-up’ means; such as drinking alcohol.

This post isn’t about alcohol. It’s more about how important it is to get in touch with our creativity. Something that we all have. And the best way to do this is sometimes to try a new art-form or craft. Or try approaching it in a new way.

I’ve always loved embroidery and cross-stitch. There is something so meditative about it. Usually, I follow a pattern. But to mix things up recently I tried making my own free-flow mandalas-type design, and here is the result.

I love it.

Instead I was procrastinating because I couldn’t find a design I liked. By changing my approach I found a flow.

I also turned to cross-stitch to loosen up my writer’s block. It has been so intense recently. Nothing seemed to shift the enclosed feeling I was sensing.

Since I completed this mandala yesterday, I’ve found more ideas flowing and connecting. I have rediscovered a need to keep pen and paper within reach.

Now I’m wondering what tried and tested, as well as new, ways that I can try to keep tapping in to this creative source deep within.

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