Things that keep me grounded

Just a couple of the things that I am grateful for this week; both activities that have helped to keep me grounded.

Grounded despite the increasing external noise regarding primaries reopening. In-time with the internal discussions about whether we should send our son back now, when we have a few other unknowns that we need to consider.

As well as a whole bunch of tummy-turning feelings in the background.

(But enough about the unknowns, for now, because they’re never-ending. Aren’t they?

Especially considering the type of world that we appear to live in. It seems we will need to accept this as a universal companion for a while yet. On top of the more general unpredictability of life.

1. Flower Arranging 💐

I found time to absorb myself in the calming activity of finally arranging the beautiful flowers that I received on our anniversary. Sure, the children were playing with Play-doh unaccompanied – but supervised from a distance – and it took me ages to clean up after my youngest had chewed up and spat out certain pieces of the stuff, and threw everything else all around her. But they had fun. And so did I. But seeing these flowers makes me smile. They remind me how time is slowly opening up for us as she grows older, easing the intensity of the last couple of years.

Which leads me on to the next part of my note of gratitude.

2. Baking 🧁

I was able to, by a stroke of pure luck (on the same day as the flowers), seamlessly bake with both children without any flour disasters, squabbling or desperate dashes to the toilet. Result!

Other things which continue to keep me grounded are my ever crucial ones: loving awareness, sattvic nourishment, yoga, meditation, reading, contemplation, playing with my children, being in the garden, turning my phone off, embracing the current situation as a kind of dharma and accepting any limits on time and energy, exploring my creativity, being settled in bed by 10 pm, avoiding unnecessary drama, heaps of appreciation and tons of gratitude. 🙏 #reasonstobethankful #wordsonlife #lockdownlife #stayinggrounded #yogalife #holisticwellbeing #consciousliving #breatheinbreatheout #instaflower #instacake #instawrite #instadaily

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