What sort of world will they grow up in?

I’m not the first person to say that it appears we are living in a monumental moment in our planet’s, and in humanity’s history, right now.

It’s clear to see when we consider the many representations of this deep shift, and all of the concurrent situations that are happening, such as: hundreds of thousands of people mindlessly driving to and piling onto dearly loved beaches – leaving behind gross amounts of plastic litter and human waste, without a care for the environment or for ocean life. Let alone their own lives by doing so in the midst of this dreadful pandemic – discounting the sacrifices made my millions, including themselves and, importantly, those of the NHS, the police, teachers, and other key workers; when we unbelievably seem to have a very REAL and disgraceful NEED to state that BLACK LIVES MATTER – thus, that ALL lives matter – this movement shines a light on all subjugated races and ANY difference, ANY otherness – there’s no room for BS anymore – we are all one. 🕉

Such things can make us feel that simple respect and love are scarce and that there is so much judgement, violence, and polarity; bullying is on the increase; mental health issues are thousand-fold; we are experiencing the highest ever recorded UV levels – a symptom of the ever real issue that is climate change; and don’t even get me started on the scary situations arising in global politics.

Yup, the world is seriously changing. This much is true. And yet the love shown by children stays the same. If we look we can see so much kindness. There are volunteers clearing rubbish, people taking a stand for one another, and humans reaching out to hold others; showing deep pockets of love. 💜

It’s all as overwhelming as it is mesmerising. I’m leaning into it. The good and the bad. The yin and the yang. ☯️

I’ve been watching a @BBC documentary called Genius Of The Ancient World – which brings together the minds of Buddha, Socrates and Confuscious. Arising within the same age, each with ideas that changed the world (there are of course many other spiritual figures who have done similar), but it is said that this particular age was a time of huge insecurity and change, and that these ideas largely transformed the culture, and thus the lives of millions of people, for the better. 🙏 This is my hope. Maybe it will be a second (or third or fourth…) coming of whoever, in whichever form, but I hope that, as a global society, we adults will simply get out of our heads and go to our hearts, and arise from this slumber, more conscious, and more loving – just like our beautiful children. 🌍

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