Practice You

Oh, how I love a journal 💜

I usually have a few on the go at any one time: I write one for my yoga/meditation practice, one for creative ideas, and one as a personal reflection space.

I’ve just started this @practice.you by @elenabrower for the latter, and it is as beautiful to look at, as it is to write in. 😍

The watercolour illustrations 🎨 are fluid and inviting, and the writing prompts are the delicious combination of inspiring and challenging. 💫 I have only just started this;

I write in my personal journal every morning, without fail. Whether I have time to only read, let alone write, one sentence, or if I am lucky enough to find flow over a number of minutes, it always centres me. It’s a meditative practice.

It is an essential element of my holistic wellbeing. The benefits of journal writing are vastly published and are to be encouraged. 🙏

This image is of the second exercise, but every page is picture-worthy, and while I wouldn’t necessarily share my personal journal readily like this, or endorse products, I think this is so special that everybody should get one! Especially anyone who is new to journaling.

Please, give it a try! 📖 #writersofinstagram #writerslife #yogawriting #journalinspiration #creativejournaling #creativity #creatrix #iam #satnam #doyou #practiceyou #silencethenoise #innertruth #findingflow #deepwithin #focusonwhatmatters

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