A poem for autumn

Autumn Leaves – by Louisa

The burning summer

has come to a close.

No more drying thirst in sticky nights

clambering for air

to breathe.

The foliage all around me

once so thick

with all my preferences,

draining energy as it

pulsed through my veins.

Somehow enabling me to stand the heat.

Clinging to the branch of others


All rustling.

But only on the exhausting nights when the

wind was audible enough to notice.

And now I barely clutch

with just a strand.

My edges blurred red to gold.

The roots of my tree flowing deep into the


No longer emptying out there

like the upturned tree that I was:

Tendrils searching the void.

A Desperation for validation.

Out-stretched and empty-handed.

Forced to look within my trunk of reality.

Now I hang

at ease.

Allowing the movement that whispers and


Knowing that when I let go

I won’t be falling,

like some may believe.

Instead I will be flying

and landing

at my own feet.

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