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The in-between days: a time to pause, reflect and envision

I don’t know about you, but I love these strange in-between days of Christmas. As a group of days, I’d say they’re my favourite in the year.

All the planning and busyness of the approach to Christmas Day is now a memory, and the new year hovers on the horizon – but with just enough distance to allow for a breather.

Naturally, in the stillness this allows, my attention turns to the year behind, the world as it is now, and the hopes I may have for the future.

This year, I am turning to an old friend to help me process the time as it turns. This friend is a journal that I’ve used in the past, and it has a brand new 2021 edition.

What’s so great about this journal?

I have to say it’s the incorporation of the moon cycles, as well as the writing prompts that enables me to hit free-flow quite easily.

There aren’t too many distractions leading me off on wild adventures. I can just write down what I need to get out of me, while at the same time, give myself a snap-shot of what is coming up, and, more importantly, how I feel about it.

Processing this last year is not going to be an easy task.

Neither is thinking about 2021 without projecting too much of my hopes and fears on to those, as of yet, unlived days.

What the Moon Dreams Diary does for me is it allows the present moment to be; to shine; and to matter.

Our lives are made up of all the moments that we either choose to be present for, or that will happen anyway, regardless of whether we’ve noticed them or not.

Keeping a journal, allows us to capture those moments and for them to become deep, intrinsic, learning material.

Perhaps 2021 offers you a chance to notice more.

Perhaps present-moment awareness is something you’d like to practice in the new year.

You may have an interest in moon cycles, or are looking for a simple explanation of how the moon and its lunar energy affects us all – especially women.

Observing the relationship between the moon, our hormones and the menstrual cycle, and the effects on our mood and energy levels is a life-changing habit that can dramatically affect your relationships, not only with others, but, most importantly, with yourself.

Since I first began charting my cycle in unison with the moon I have grown so much and I have really got to know who I am and what works for me.

How can we understand ourselves when we haven’t ever taken the time to observe our lives and our place in the universe?

Whatever you’re dealing with, I’m sure this journal will help you to notice it and to make sense of it.

Learning from what you write.

Connecting to yourself in the process.

Surely, that’s what life has got to be all about, and so that is what a journal has to attempt to grapple with.

And this one does just that!

To order a copy of the Moon Dreams Diary 2021 (it’s never too late in the year to get one) or to find out more, please visit the website.

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