Review: The British Museum’s Tantra: Enlightenment to Revolution exhibition’s free online offering

Finding myself, somehow, with a moment of free time yesterday, following an entire day of homeschooling my six-year old son and my preschool age daughter, I was delighted to discover that the British Museum’s online presentation to do with Hatha Yoga and its links to Tantra – that I had previously signed up for before Christmas – was about to start.

Perfect timing!

And what a welcome reminder.

This week, with the horrendous coronavirus figures and the subsequent dramas about school closures, and thus trying to get my head around the new tech needed to support my eldest child’s learning. Who, simply because of his age, requires quite a lot of support.

Which, therefore, has become my focus (i.e. it has left little time for anything else that I try to do in the week), while at the same time giving my two-year old, who we’ve kept home from pre-school, the play and attention she requires.

Forget my own tasks and projects, and you can certainly forget about the housework.

Needless to say, with a new groove for all of us to find, and a little more chaos, I have felt a little ‘ungrounded’.

So, to discover a bit of escapism – in my most favourite form – was a true delight!

Not only was the talk by Dr. James Mallinson truly fascinating. Particularly when he was talking about the lack of evidence of Hatha yoga asanas (as we know them) being practised longer than 1,000 years ago – when the focus was more on a ‘tapas’ set of asanas, meant purely to ready the body for meditation.

But some of the information around Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, and its influence on Hatha yoga, was also really interesting.

The museum’s online offering allows us the opportunity to still visit, despite lockdown 3.0.

Well, imagine my delight at discovering so many fascinating videos on the British Museum’s Youtube Channel.

Right now, for anyone interested in yoga, it’s the perfect antidote to these chilly, housebound days.

So, because of the sheer amount of content to explore, both on the website and on YouTube, here’s to hoping I get a few more minutes to delve into something that captures my imagination.

Certainly after the days (on end) that I am attending full-on to my children’s.

For which I am truly thankful.

Gratitude all round!

My thoughts go to those unable to assist their children, those who are sick, those without access to technology, and those who never, ever get five minutes.

Love to all x

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