Baited breath

I wait with baited breath

For whatever will come my way

Never before have I felt this way.

Most future happenings I’d feel strongly about

Either for or against

Avoidance or attachment, I guess.

But now, despite my hopes and dreams

And the fears that lurk in the darker spots of my being

And although they may sometimes hijack my equilibrium – my sense of calm

I find that now I am happy to allow

And to see what transpires…

And yet

Still I wait

With baited breath.

And all the while I breathe.

For a deep breath and be held for quite a while

And still sustain us.

No panic.

Just peace.

No pain.

Just ease.

No reason to believe that it will not be okay

And instead a knowing

That it will all fall into place,

That all will be fair.

And when I need to I will take in that in-breath

Of warm, sweet air.

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