Praying for India

Despite the situation being quite freeing here in the U.K., and being grateful for it. It is with a heavy heart that I go about my days.

While I largely avoid the news – I grew so weary of it in 2020, that I now only watch headlines once or twice a week – it’s impossible to avoid hearing about the terrible reality in India.

I’ve never been there.

But I live and breathe one of it’s finest exports, aside from Garam marsala, of course.

Yoga provides so many with a practice that is simply beyond words.

Watching the scenes of abject poverty and inequality playing out there is utterly heartbreaking.

It’s all so terribly sad.

Other than donating money, and sending tender prayers, the only other thing that can be done is to put pressure on governments to do as much as possible to help people, all people.

Although it’s tempting to believe we are done with this dreadful virus, in truth, we are far from it.

None of us are safe until the world is safe.

And more than that, how can we carry on as though everything is okay, when there are so many others suffering horribly there?

If we all donated what we can and prayed as much as possible, perhaps it might ease some of the pain there?

The story of India highlights the other places across the globe that we just shutdown from, when things aren’t great and when they need help.

And again, the issues of inequality play out and we’re reminded of our absolute privileges.

If there’s more that we can do, then let’s do it!

Don’t turn away or turn it off.

Let its message sink in.

A little pull back down to earth, from the high of our lockdown easing.

A little knock back into place, when our sides have loosened and fallen slack.

A little shake awake when our eyes were resting and nearly closed.

Praying for you, dear India.


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